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Gregg Eisenberg grew up writing poems in a Jewish household in Chicagoland where he learned how to feel a dissonant mixture of awkwardness and confidence about himself from some of the most loving people you could ever meet. When his childhood peers went off to Dartmouth, he went on an experimental writing journey across the deserts of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. 

After months of circulating through dangerous countries and scribbling notes in remote border towns, he received an auspicious fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant in the Arab quarter of Jerusalem with a scarcely-known quote from the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu. This rare fortune cookie & quote sparked his fascination with eastern thought and led him to study Asian language and literature at the University of California. There the Santa Cruz coastal ecosystems and exposure to Taoist thought further riveted his imagination and forced him to take his exploration of aesthetics and language (and restless mind-syndrome) further. Songwriting became his passion, in a genre he calls Heavy Meadow.

After working in China and then completing a Master’s in Geography at Boston University, Gregg moved to Colorado to continue writing music and work to protect the west’s fragile environments and ecosystems.

Gregg formed Curved-Space Comedy in 2016 and under that name performs his shows, publishes his books, and provides private speaking events. His book of bilingual of poetry is called Love Without Madness.

In a somewhat radical return to his roots, he is currently writing Follow Your Bris to perform in JCCs, churches, and smoky lounges across America.

The desire to spread levity in the world weighs heavily upon me.” – Gregg Eisenberg

Gregg Eisenberg

Two in-depth interviews with stand-up philosopher Gregg Eisenberg about humor, meaning and language. The first is a "general flyover" and the second is a "deeper dive" into the material.

Summer 2019.

Interview #1 - Take My Advice and Think for Yourself 

Interview #2 - Non-Attachment is Addictive 

For more about Gregg Eisenberg's environmental consulting practice:


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