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Reviews and Recommendations
for Gregg Eisenberg's Shows! 

Bipolar II

Even the Earth is Bipolar
(Fiske Planetarium, Oakland Planetarium, Portland Planetarium)

“This show is a diverse platter of concepts and ideas that flows like a single meal - comically delivered but not dogmatically preached! It was fun traveling at 1000x the speed of light. And I liked the last two songs a lot!”

- Roger P.

“Even the Earth is Bipolar touches on the speed of light, life on other planets, dualism and paradox, climate change, volcanoes and human history all with jokes and songs. I am glad to finally meet the founder of the 'Flatulent Earth Society'”  

- Kendall S.

“I actually now understand the idea of how time stands still for all those lonely beams of light flying through the emptiness of space.” 

- Katie Silverstein

"I feel Gregg quantum-leaped into his latest show, offering an evolved humor that honors the perspective, and poignancy, of Scientific inquiry. I was particularly relieved to hear that we are statistically as likely to be wiped out by an asteroid as we are by our own slow and painful methods of doing ourselves in as a species.... Who knew science could be so emotional, sensory, and therapeutic!"   

Glenda O'Rourke

“Waiting in line so long was a hassle but the show was worth it - my 10 year old understood a lot of the jokes, and kept asking me about some of the other ones he didn't understand for a few days... We would go again!” 

- Michael Peterson

"I hadn’t been in a planetarium since I was a kid, and it brought back great memories of being totally wowed by the Universe! I enjoyed the show a lot and thought Gregg poses some very interesting questions about life and the cosmos."   

Elaine E.

"Gregg’s show is a thoughtful, witty and lively multi-media adventure! With material on time-space-and-light, earth-sky-and-Universe, and a few funny lenses on the quirks of the human condition. His show really is “for people who are in no shape for the human condition” – in other words, all of us!"   

Michael Travers

"Even the Earth is Bipolar was a fun romp through some of the comedic intersections of philosophy and science. It was cool to see the planetarium software used in a way that allowed the audience to journey through space and time endowed with humorous thoughts piqued by Gregg Eisenberg’s aphorisms and observations."   

Dr. Graham Lau, "The Cosmobiologist"

"Gregg’s multi-media show takes you on a fascinating ride to the outer edges of the Universe and back, inspiring wonder at the mystery of it all while also tickling your funny bone. Original songs, poetry, videos and special effects weave together to create a unique immersive experience that stays with you after you leave the theater."   

Anne Dixon

Even the Earth is Bipolar
(Fiske Planetarium)

“Absolutely some of the most intelligent, thought provoking & well balanced "Curved Space Comedy" shows I have ever seen. Stimulating on all levels, and would go back again!”

- Alejandrina Quintana

“Overflowing with clever dialog and nice insight. Wyncia and I enjoyed it a great deal.  Gregg has a wonderfully twisted mind, balls of brass, and a delightfully intriguing sense of humor that he freely share with others.  Thanks much.  The net of all that yields fresh perspectives that are most useful in examining our own souls and presuppositions.”  


- Larry Kinney

“Science has never been so funny, and I'm not referring to climate change denial! Treat yourself to a buffet of stimulation; audio, visual, mental, emotional, and if you're into that sort of thing, spiritual!” 

- KJ Bernhard

"A 5-STAR REVIEW: Last night's performance of "Even the Earth is Bipolar" was a great success and performed before a sold-out crowd of 210 seats (with possibly as many turned away as the line snaked around out the building.) Gregg Eisenberg showed his mastery in performing to an eager crowd and smoothly delivered an excellent, humorous yet thought-provoking program. The first half was done in a monologue-style with a blend of Gregg's humorously-philosophical "Eisenberg Principles" interlaced with historical quotes by "reality" disruptors like Einstein and Nietzsche. . . . plus a little bit of a chance for the crowd to "sing-along" to a few parody songs like the Simon & Garfunkel twist, "The Song of Science" !! Gregg used the dome-shaped Planetarium space well with image projections along with Fiske's library of constellation starfields for a very memorable night of entertainment!"   

Mike Hamers 

Bipolar 1
Homage to the Thief

"If Rumi were to crash a jazz show, it'd be like this!"

"The show felt like an ADVENTURE!"

Gregg Eisenberg

"He masterfully juxtaposes contrasting metaphors, and like Rumi provokes the listener to step outside and beyond the usual paradigms of language to the essence of language itself ... silence.  Gregg never misses a beat, thoughtfully presenting an invitation to hear that the last word is no word at all, that the "artist" is free from stereotypes and beliefs, and that ultimately we are all artists at the core of our beingness, if we dare to be truly free.  He challenges us to "break your own rules to know who you are."  I look forward to more of his insightful and entertaining performances."

- Jyoti Masters

"This is one show you absolutely must check out! The incredible combination of phenomenal live musical performance, along with dazzling poetry is so fresh and alive. I loved being outside at the Trident Cafe's patio, sipping tea and enjoying the sweet acoustical sensation. Gregg Eisenberg is the mastermind behind this creative jazzscape, his debut performance for the Fringe. Loved this experience!"

- Ynyra O'Shea


Gregg Eisenberg
Gregg Eisenberg

"A true blast from the past! Like being at a beaknik poetry fest in Boulder in 1959. As if Jim Morrison and Alan Ginsberg had a love child with Barney Rubble and Dobie Gillis. Dig it. Dug it. Damn! As with any live poetry performance involving Jazz musicians, each night presents a different alchemy and magic. Be prepared to snap your fingers tap your toes. But it's merely entertaining, some lovely pearls and nifty nuggets of life wisdom and insight are there for ears to hear. I dug what he was layin' down and I think you will too!"


- Roger Wosley

"Homage to the Thief takes you on a journey..... from ancient memories to soul blossoms, Juicy love to gritty truth. Highly recommended! The music is awesome and finely blended into this symphony of intentionality!" 

- Julie

Gregg Eisenberg

Additional reviews

"This paean to mystery, beauty, and love leads the listener through a hero's journey and sensory

exploration of spoken word, music and dance. His words tap on your shoulder, beckoning the listener to

remember lakes at night, rimmed with fir trees. A lirerate, luminous and illuminating piece of art."


- Joy Redstone

"Gregg combines his nimble and surprising lingual hopscotch with a cast of amazing improvisational musicians for a unique aural and visual experience you must see and hear to believe!"

- David Coddington

"Fantastic - I recommend this show highly - intelligent creative and inspirational!"

- Margie McSweenie

"Great way to let your mind wander into poetic music. Not to be missed."

- Lara Johnson

"All I imagined beat poetry would be. But I know what I like, and this is a fine, highly

evicative experience. Kudos to Gregg and the Heavy Meadow orchestra!"

- Connie Odell

"Original poetry and fantastic music gave birth to a captivating show. I experienced a full spectrum

of emotions and imagery with each poem. The covered, out door,relaxed venue at the Trident Cafe was

perfect. Thank you so much."

- Jefree Kaufman

"My wife and I went to listen to our friend Gregg Eisenberg deliver some of his poetry tonight set

informally to music, to the improvisational jazz of three musicians, James Hoskins, Joe Joseph Lukasik and Eyal Rivlin. The theme is a "Cubist Jazzscape of Human Destiny". In my opinion the entire performance was first-class and well worth the time. I found it to be enchanting and dreamlike yet rooted in fertile ground where wild animals run. Gregg and the musicians created a sensuous and vibrant environmental dream scape with easy transitions from poem to music weaving in and out in an hour-long uninterrupted quartette. A great show! Gregg is still doing two more performances this weekend as part of the Fringe Festival, both with different jazz musicians, one with an improvisational dancer. I highly recommend you go and spend the hour being taken away with words and sounds, symbols and rhythms. You should come away refreshed and exhilarated. Remember, "Support Living Artists!" —Cheers!"

- Mike Hamers

"Gregg's amazing hour long poem is perfectly complemented by an excellent jazz trio. I felt like I

was transported to the Beat Generation! Wonderful stimulating concepts and visually evocative free form verse. And I love the "Heavy Meadows" Production name :-) ."

- Kay Redstone

"This show felt like an adventure the poetry and music felt like a treat. My exsperience was like

biting into good chocolate, a beautiful image, the show transported me to a sensuous place that made me feel alive and delicious."

- Rivkah Bacharach

"Great, evocative words paired with improvisational music - guitar/bass, saxophone, cello,

percussion. The mood shifts with the intent of the poetry, and is transportive!"

- James Hoskins

"Delightful!!! If Rumi were to crash a jazz show, it'd be like this. Poetry that transports on the wings

of music brewed up in the moment by exceptional musicians. Loved it!"

- Dove Weissman

"A soul-searching exploration of the muse wherein improvisational inspiration and the interplay of

poetry and music combined to create a shifting tableau of sensuous impressions."

- Jonathen Machen

"Nice combination of poetry and free jazz. Was pleased at how the jazz trio supported the spoken


- Gregg M.

"Come experience this unique exploration of words and sounds that changes with each


- Shae Rupinsky

Gregg Eisenberg has successfully recreated the jazz beatnik vibe with his mellifluous, cunning poetry. Recited with a rare passion, he calls together ensembles from a small batallion of various jazz artists around Boulder. I was particularly impressed by the dancer that came in for his final appearance at the Boulder Fringe Festival. It tied in the act with movement art that added a full sensory experience. Bravo!

- Mara Powers

I saw the first performance of Homage to the Thief, and was moved to tears. I saw the show again on closing night, and it brought me to tears again! What I loved about the show in general was the poetry itself.  The repetition, the hitting everything about the human condition, the descriptive habitat of the poetry… i.e., desert, fields of gypsum, the blue dawn of hope, the imaginative landscapes Gregg creates with his words. Adding the music underneath and between was really spot on.  Great choice of instrumentalists!  The jazz trio was excellent at interpreting the poetry. For me the music only served to give the words more beauty and power.  It really seemed hard to imagine one without the other.

- Gabriella

Homage to the Thief:
A Cubist Jazzscape on Human Destiny
(Boulder CO * Berkeley CA * Oakland CA)

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