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"A revolutionary approach to maintaining the status quo."

"For people in no shape for the human condition."

"A book about impermanence that will last forever." 

“The book about quieting the mind that everyone is talking about.”

"In the bathroom reader category, a definite #1!"

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Gregg Eisenberg

Gregg Eisenberg is a writer, performer, and stand-up philosopher based in Boulder, Colorado. He is the author of 4 books: 

- Letting Go Is All We Have to Hold Onto: Mind-Altering Jokes (a collection of all-original philosophical humor - reached #2 in the Comedy section on Amazon). 

- Love Without Madness - Amor Sin Locura (anthology of original 'cubist poetry' + landscape photography - in English & Spanish).

- World On My Mind (anthology of original song lyrics & photography - with QR codes to 100+ recordings).

- The Butterfly of Happiness: A Buddhist Fairytale for Children (an illustrated children's book)

He writes and performs 3 original stage pieces:

- Think of Me When You're Meditating

 ('stand-up philosophy' & 'Buddhist humor')

- Even the Earth is Bipolar (science-comedy performed in planetariums) 

- Homage to the Thief ('Cubist poetry' + live improvised jazz)

He is currently writing a one-man show about growing up Jewish in America called Follow Your Bris: A Slice of Destiny.

For the Stage

Letting Go Is All We Have to Hold Onto: Mind-Altering Jokes

Preview: Even the Earth is Bipolar

(science-comedy in planetariums)

Homage to the Thief:

Spoken-word + Improvised Music

Even the Earth is Bipolar: Science-Comedy in Planetariums

Reviews of the show.

Overflowing with clever dialog and nice insight. Wyncia and I enjoyed it a great deal. Gregg has a wonderfully twisted mind and a delightfully intriguing sense of humor that he freely shares with others. Thanks much. The net of all that yields fresh perspectives that are most useful in examining our own souls and presuppositions.”- Larry Kinney

Science has never been so funny, and I'm not referring to climate change denial! Treat yourself to a buffet of stimulation; audio, visual, mental, emotional, and if you're into that sort of thing, spiritual!” - KJ Bernhard

The opening song, Sound of Science, should be an anthem at planetariums across the country! People almost got up and danced! Just loved the visual story-telling combined with interesting vignettes about Einstein and Newton and other philosophers. - Melissa Page

I had no idea we are 2 million years overdue for an asteroid collision with planet Earth! I enjoyed the way Gregg brings cosmic science and everyday life into the same jokes. Favorite line: I am a free spirit, but I'm raising my rates soon! - Charlie Stein

About Curved-Space Comedy

Sigmund Freud wrote, “Neurosis is the inability to cope with ambiguity." A few years later, F. Scott Fitzgerald took that concept further: "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time -- and still retain the ability to function.”


Quantum physicist Niels Bohr brought the idea home:

"How wonderful that we have met with paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress."

In his writing and stage shows, Gregg Eisenberg explores and plays with the principles of polarity, paradox, and humor, inviting you on an adventure from the "comforts of cliché to the chasms of contradiction." 

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Chop Wood | Carry Water | Charge Phone, Cloud Station Crestone CO 

Think of Me When You're Meditating, Museum of Boulder  CO

Even the Earth is Bipolar Chabot Planetarium, Oakland CA

Even the Earth is Bipolar OMSI Planetarium, Portland OR

I'm Going Aggressively New Age
Boulder Bookstore, Boulder CO

Even the Earth is Bipolar IV, Fiske Planetarium, Boulder CO

Follow Your Bris: A Slice of Jewish Humour, Boulder CO

The Sedona Monologues
Sedona AZ

Homage to the Thief, The back Room- Berkeley CA

The Salida Monologues
Salida CO

Homage to the Thief
Boulder CO

Truth Be Told, Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder CO

Enlighten Up! Conference on Sustainable Happiness, Colorado University Law School, Boulder CO

Music & Poetry


Make It Somehow (Children's animated)

If Ever You had Sat Upon a Mountain

Ancient Wardrobes

Come the Rains

Mankind Was Here

We'll Plant the Seed

Julius Caesar

Behind the Scenes

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"I hope you're not thinking what I'm not thinking..."

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