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Books written by 

Gregg Eisenberg

Letting Go Is All We Have
To Hold Onto

Mind-Altering Jokes

"Mind-bending oxymorons for that neurotic nephew, sensitive sister, or perplexed parent".
"An 'iconoclassic' for all ages!"
“The people's guide to paradox."
“Hegelian humor for Orwellian times!”
"For people in recovery from the self-help industry."

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World on My Mind

The Gregg Eisenberg

Book of Songs

Welcome to the world of Heavy Meadow!


This hardcover collection features the full anthology  of original compositions, with song lyrics and links (QR codes) to every recording online.  Gregg's music can also be found at, or on Spotify by clicking here.

Explore the depths of Gregg's creativity and craft with "World on My Mind."

The Butterfly of Happiness

A Buddhist Fairytale for Children

Children (of all ages) chase after happiness, long after things they don't have, and pursue objects of desire - but sometimes we need to go on a journey to learn how to stop chasing - and how to let them "come to us."  Based on a childhhood poem.

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Love Without Madness
Amor Sin Locura 

Poetry by  Gregg Eisenberg in Spanish and English

"Cubist love poetry" presented in English and Spanish (with origional photography) offers readers of both languages a glimpse into the surrealistic imagination of the poet. Watch the writer perform live spoken word + improvisational jazz accompaniment in the show 

"Homage to the Thief." 


Esta colección de "poesía de amor de Cubista" (con 18 fotografías originales) se presenta en español e inglés, con la intención de ofrecer a los lectores en español una visión de la imaginación surrealista del poeta. 

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